Thursday, 28 March 2013

Introducing Beaullea

Just because everyone has been so nice about my new 'A Decade of Style' collection, I just havent been able to contain my excitement and this week have given my brides to be another sneak peek of the 2014 collection!!
Proving so popular already over on my facebook page, please say hello to .....


"Adornment, what a science. Beauty, what a weapon. Modesty, what elegance!"

 Embellished with a wealth of achingly deep affection, she is encased in an air of admiration from her love, radiating through her she shines a silver brighter than a star of clear night. Confident in her sweetheart, Beaullea is poised and self assured as she dreamt of a love like this, a profound love, and now in the midst of a fantasy like daze she is creating her own story, with a an ending more than perfect and with feelings no words can describe.


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