Monday, 7 October 2013

Charlotte Balbier Wedding Diary.... Decor

Red Floral
What's that saying again? "Stop worrying about what could go wrong and instead get excited about what can go right." This mantra has, happily, finally hit home this week as our wedding plans have really started to come together and both Teddy and I are getting super excited. Over the last few weeks I feel like we've made massive headway in our planning with lots of meetings with our wedding suppliers. Brainstorming with creative people is always such good fun and I'm loving the opportunity to work with the talented Red Floral Architecture again, who are not only doing all of my wedding flowers but are also adding their brilliance to my décor and styling for both the church and the reception venue. Despite hectic schedules on both sides, I managed to sit down with them this week to discuss décor and let me tell you, I've been one elated bride-to-be ever since! Their ideas and plans for our wedding day really blew my mind and surpassed my expectations, and then some.

My vision, and subsequently my brief, for our wedding décor was simple: I wanted WOW! Chandeliers and candelabra, lots of candles mixed with draping fabrics, crystals and pearls and of course A LOT of flowers. I certainly don't want subtle, but equally I don't want to go too over the top. And that's why I've called in the experts. My colour palette is ivory hues teamed with rose pinks and metallic shades. It's taken me (and my maids!) a long time to get my head around the fact that I don't really have a theme as such, so all there is to do is make the most of my colours. My problem was that I loved so many I just couldn't decide on what was truly us, so instead I went with what felt right and I kept coming back to those 2 words; sophisticated and glamorous. After many hours looking at décor themes on Pinterest and gathering inspiration from my surroundings, I came to the decision that it's OK for me not to be a theme bride - I just wish I'd realised this 18 months ago!
Red Floral 2
I'm a great believer in trusting your suppliers and letting them have the freedom to be creative, as they are the experts after all, and I know as a fellow creative that I do my best work when I'm left to my own devices. I have a major advantage, in that although I've never been married before, I have worked with many of the companies we've booked for our wedding so I knew from the start that we were working with the best in the biz. That's not to say little old control freak me doesn't struggle with letting go, and I do still want to be included in all of the ideas and planning, but I've learnt to do it from afar. The best tip I have is to do lots of research first and create mood boards and tear sheets which will help you express your vision to the suppliers.

So now it's time to work with my suppliers to source all the décor that will create our dream wedding, although my general excitement means I've given myself a little head start. I feel like I've spent the best part of this year looking for gold-toned cutlery, and have become somewhat obsessed with finding the right pieces to hire. But after searching high and low for months, the result was me realising that to hire this kind of cutlery is nigh-on impossible and to buy it is far too expensive, so my gold dream has had to be shelved. Cue meltdown! Luckily, Jane and Mat at Red Floral are used to brides losing the plot over little things and are working on some cutlery ideas for me as a plan B…

So now that my breathing has become less erratic since the décor and styling is well underway, there is still a lot to think of; luxury linens, chair décor, marquee styling, special touches in the church, romantic centre pieces, delicate place settings, the fancy top table… the list is endless. I'm starting to feel sorry for the team at Red Floral! However, armed with my trusty pin boards and their general amazingness, I'm sure that between us we can make this wedding every bit the sophisticated and glamorous affair I envisage – and limit anymore meltdowns along the way!

Until next time,
Much love
Charlotte xxx

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