Monday, 7 October 2013

Charlotte Balbier Wedding Diary... Wellbeing & Weightloss

wedding wellbeing
'Just relax for a second and breathe…'

If someone gave me a pound coin every time this thought has crossed my mind in recent months I’d be super-duper rich! They say planning a wedding can be one of the most stressful things you can do and with just seven months to go until our big day, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't starting to feel the strain of organising everything – on top of my day job. I'm trying to keep calm and carry on, but I’m noticing that the closer the wedding gets, the more stressed I am starting to feel (and look!). Not ideal for a blushing bride-to-be.

So I think the time has come to start fitting some pre-wedding wellbeing into my planning schedule. It's only fair to spend a bit of the wedding budget on feeling and looking fabulous on the day, right? Already being a beauty junkie, I'm always on the look out for the latest products or treatments and I religiously read every beauty column out there. A few years ago I started using Clarins skincare products at home after indulging in one of their facials, and I have never looked back. I think every woman has one treat that always relaxes them, and a visit to my local spa is mine - it takes me away from my busy schedule and the stresses of running a bridal business – even if it’s just for a mere 60 minutes.

Spending my days working with gorgeous models and flicking through glamorous shoots in You & Your Wedding is bound to make any girl envious of those divinely gifted with blemish-free looks, so clear, glowing skin has fast become top of my priority list. The Clarins girls advised that I have one of their Tri-Active Facials every 3-4 weeks and, for the last couple of months leading up to the wedding, their Radiance Reviver Facial. I’ve been promised this will leave my skin looking fresh and dewy. Yes, please!

So that’s my stress levels and soon-to-be super glowing face taken care of but what about my body? From the neck downwards I confess I've never been great at keeping my beauty regime up. Believe me, I have all the products - cellulite busting creams, body brushes, skin oils, body scrubs. But most of them are sadly gathering dust and taking up space on the bathroom shelf. I promise myself that tomorrow will be the day I start my new at-home body beauty regime… but surprisingly tomorrow never comes! I did treat myself to a Body Polish and Body Lift Sculptor treatment but, like many women before me, I expected too much and wanted instant results. Sadly it seems you need more than one trip to the spa, and keep up the DIY treatments at home, to look like Elle Macpherson.

woman running
When it comes to hair, I do know a trick to glossy tresses which I’ll use more in the countdown to wedding day. It’s a homemade olive oil with vinegar potion. You heat them both together, apply to your hair, wrap in foil and then a towel and leave for 20 minutes. The oil replenishes weak hair and the vinegar adds shine. I read this in a beauty magazine years ago and it’s really effective.

And finally, I'm overhauling the diet. I want to lose some weight and get fit and healthy for my wedding but with such a full-on, stressful job I already know I'll need a little help to keep me focused. After hearing about the plan on the grapevine (read: the endless stream of brides I chat to every day) I looked into Soulmatefood where the food looks so yummy it doesn't even seem like a diet, plus the extra bonus is that it's delivered straight to your door. No more trips to the supermarket desperately trying to avoid the chocolate and wine aisle in favour of a lettuce leaf! Friends and brides I know have done the juice detox from Soulmate and others have followed the meal delivery option and they've all raved on about how amazing it is: easy to follow; healthy and delicious with great-lasting results; and a superstar following.

In terms of slimming down, I know food won’t cut it on its own, I need to up the exercise ante. At the moment I spend between 30 mins and an hour walking our dog Buster every day, so my plan is to start to incorporate some jogging into this time. It means I’ll aim to be running three times a week for at least 30 minutes, but I’m not against getting a personal trainer as time goes by. I think a lot of brides do this towards the end of their pre-wedding slimdown to keep them focused.

So I’m kickstarting the whole thing six months before the day. Six months of healthy food, regular exercise, lots of beauty treatments, plenty of sleep (and maybe the odd little holiday!) should do the trick. Which means, by my calendar, I have four weeks left of ‘wine o’clock’. So let’s make the most of it - someone grab me a drink and make it a double!

Until next time,
Love Charlotte xxx

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