Thursday, 21 February 2013

A Decade of Style 2014 Collection

Sweeping across the floor, the ‘Decade of Style’ bride is a Charlotte Balbier bride of the next generation, confident with her choice of gown she glows with a beautiful edge of elegance.
Welcoming her 10th anniversary as a leading British bridal designer this year, Charlotte’s latest collection embodies a celebration of style and grace that has been the key to her success since launching in 2003. Now 10 years on and exclusively stocked in 30 boutiques nationwide, the label is set to embark on a fresh and exciting journey with the new direction proving that to innovate and lead by example are top of the priority list.
Embellishing definitive looks with modern touches of cloud like romance and teaming muted hues with metallic accents for subtle sophistication, ‘A Decade of Style’ takes a turn to the future with a plethora of luxury textures and tones that have never been seen before from this leading bridal fashion house.

Each gown has an identity, a  distinct look and feel, a story behind the magic; The collection captures the imagination and that’s just how Charlotte intended when designing each fashion forward piece with the bride in mind. Each bride embarks on a journey and each bride is consumed by love, and they all have their own consuming love story to tell…


Boadicea & Holly

 “If you love two people at the same time, choose the second one, because if you really loved the first one you wouldn’t have fallen for the second”

A love so strong no-one can take it away, a willing and a bursting anxiety to please but who should she become? Which girl inside of her does he long for, the maze of games is a consuming tunnel and it’s only she who can decide. In a race to find herself; the fire mane adorned with siren lace? Boadicea is a lover so vivid she captures his imagination. Or the subtle mysterious beauty of Holly? So intriguing she holds a powerful energy over his dynamic ways. A decision of endless love is a painful one to make.  

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