Monday, 2 April 2012

New Team Member At Wyatt/Balbier HQ!

Damian Brandon

Manchester born Photographer and Graphic Designer Damian Brandon joins the already fabulous Charlotte Balbier and Amanda Wyatt team to work along side Charlotte the company’s creative director and main designer, and her team in house as Creative Assistant/Director to Charlotte & Amanda.

Damian has worked as a Graphic Designer for over 10 years. He started his career working for a design agency and was lucky to work alongside some great mentors which equipped and prepared Damian greatly in his profession for the future. He then progressed on to be their Creative Manager supervising and managing design projects from start to finish. After many years Damian then decided it was time to go freelance and concentrate full time on his passion working for himself...... until now!!..

Charlotte and Damian met a few years back and it soon became clear that they shared the same passion and flair for everything creative and beautiful. It was not long until Charlotte asked Damian to work on various projects with her throughout 2011. The projects quickly increased and it became clear that 2 creative brains are better than one and Charlotte asked Damian to join the team.... luckily for all Damian said yes!.

As well as graphic design another huge passion is photography , Damian says of his love for photography. ' It has always been an adoration and hobby however I have only made the jump to take it to a professional level in the last couple of years. I love to shoot Wedding's as each one brings a new challenge. Every couple is different and adds something to the mix. I love to capture the day Photo Journalistic style and capture all the beauty and the drama that unfolds. I prefer to be invisible, non-obtrusive and document the day as I see it and as how the wedding party would wish to remember their day in a story book fashion.'

Damian will be working with Charlotte as they start the plans for the next phtoshoots for the new 2013 collections, together they are working on doing something very unique and beautiful that will lead the way for a new style in bridal photography.

Charlotte and Amanda are delighted that they have a new team member and at last a man!!!.... for over 17 years now the only man in team Wyatt/Balbier has been company president Alan Wyatt (Amanda’s father and Charlotte’s grandfather) it will be fantastic to have not only a new fresh and creative mind in the business but another man as Alan is out numbered by woman!!.

Charlotte says, ‘as soon as I met Damian and saw his work I knew I wanted him to join our team, after a year of us working on projects I was absolutely delighted when Damian accepted my offer to join us on a more permanent basis. Damian not only gives 100% to all he does his work is truly stunning, Damian’s eye for detail is what I love and to top it Damian is an absolute true professional and a delight to work with.... can not wait for what we are going to do together, watch out world I have a new creative mind and you know what they say 2 minds are better than one!’

A word from Damian,I have a great relationship with Charlotte we have worked on a lot design projects in the last year so when she ask me to come on board I had no hesitation on saying 'yes', in fact I was honoured at the fact that she want me to be part of her team. I am literally jumping out of my seat now in excitement and can't wait to get cracking!!

I have so much creative respect for Charlotte and Amanda, their passion about the wedding industry and how they have grown their company to the height's that they are reaching now, I want to reach for the summit with these guys and I can't wait to work alongside them doing creative artwork and photography, 2 of my favourite subjects in life, I just know we are all going to do some cool stuff together and it excites me so the future for all is certainly very bright!

Question is; can I work in an a office which is 99% female orientated? - 'you can bet your bottom dollar I can, sure they will go easy on me'and feed me with cup cakes !!!

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