Wednesday, 15 June 2011

A Wonderful Story...Alex and Lisa's surprise wedding!!

Here at Charlotte Balbier we often get asked strange and interesting questions, but this had to be a new one for us...a bride and groom planning to get married in every country they visit during a fabulous 2 year trip they were planning!

But the groom didn’t want to stop there...he had one last twist up the sleeve of his newly pressed suit...

To surprise the bride with their FIRST wedding...on the actual day of the wedding!!!!
‘My name is Alex and I’m getting married to the girl of my dreams. A girl I’ve been dreaming of marrying for the last 10 years of my life. In fact I’m so excited about marrying her, I wish it could happen again and again. Imagine being able to re-live the best day of your life as many times as you wanted (without getting arrested for polygamy). So that’s exactly what we’re going to do. For the next year and a half we’re going to travel the globe exchanging vows in the most unusual wedding locations we can find. Whether we cut the cake under the canvas of a Berber tent in Morocco, or share our first dance under a remote waterfall in Tahiti, we’re going to blog and share our experience with the world. We’re even planning to have a wedding onboard one of our flights, creating our very own romantic version of the Mile High Club. And with so many weddings, who knows, we might even set a few Guinness World Records along the way!’
Luckily she said YES!!!!
Charlotte first found out about this when Jonny Draper (Our lovely photographer friend) contacted her three weeks before the big day...‘What a wonderful idea and sooooo romantic!’ Charlotte thought. When he asked if we could help, Charlotte didn’t even need to think...we knew she just had to be a Charlotte Balbier bride!!!
The choice was difficult but was narrowed down to Tabitha (left) and Cherry (right)

Lisa, the oh-so-lucky bride-to-be, had already been wedding dress shopping and had found her ‘One’, our very own ‘Tabitha’, so when Lisa was coaxed to The White Closet she was under the impression she was having a fitting. Little did she know that Jonny Draper (photographer), Emma Draper (from Emma Draper Make Up and also works at The White Closet), beautiful bouquets from Didsbury Flower Lounge and gorgeous accessories from Silver Sixpence in her Shoe were all ready and waiting to turn Lisa into a goddess for her surprise!!
Once Lisa was ready (and looking absolutely stunning by-the-way!!) she was escorted over to The Metropolitan were the excited groom and lots of friends and family were all waiting!!

After the wonderful ceremony they celebrated in style! From The Metropolitan everyone moved on to Rhubarb for canapés and drinks.
After all the canapés were gone and all the drink had been drunk it was time to descend onto Pinchjo’s for Pimms and Spanish tapas, as well as alcohol free mint cocktails and pots of strawberries and cream next door at Love To one went hungry or thirty!!
To top off this perfect day, everyone went to the final resting place...Frankie’s Fish Bar!!!! Everyone had been looking forward to the cones of fish and chips with lashings of salt and vinegar, enjoyed with a glass of chilled bubbly of course!!!!!
“I cannot, sorry, WE cannot express enough our thanks to the 26 businesses involved in making the day so very special. Alex could never have done it without all of you. The community spirit and willingness to think outside of the box is a testament to you all and I have never been so proud to be part of such a big team effort to produce something truly original and spectacular!
With genuine affection and huge thanks to all involved!” Lisa and Alex…2people1life!
Charlotte Balbier was so glad to be a part of such a fantastic and romantic occasion. We would like to wish Alex and Lisa all the best for the future and we can’t wait to see all the pictures them both (plus our Tabitha of course) getting married in so many fabulous locations. xx

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Businesses involved

Didsbury Life –
Jonny Draper Photography –
The White Closet –
Charlotte Balbier –
Emma Draper MUA –
King & Jones –
Zoe Chiotis –
And The Dish Ran Away with the Spoon –
Thyme Out Deli –
Frankies Fish Bar –
Reserve Wine –
Rhubarb Restaurant –
Love to Eat Restaurant –
Pinchjo’s Restaurant
The Metropolitan Bar & Restaurant
Silver Sixpence in Her Shoe
Didsbury Flower Lounge

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