Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Behind the scenes at our 2011 photo shoot

Every year Charlotte makes an exciting trip to Manila, the capital city of the Philippines, to photograph all of the gowns in the new collections ready for the launch later in the year.
This year, with 2 new collections for 2011 and over 30 styles, she was going to be a busy bee!

When Charlotte finally touches down and arrives after a 16 hour flight (!!) it’s straight to the studio to set up for the mammoth job ahead.
Gowns have to be hung and steamed, accessories need to be prepared, shoes set up ready, and then it’s on to the sets to ensure they are just as they should be.

The first, for the English Tea Party Collection, was inspired by Alice in Wonderland. Wanting to capture the fairytale and romance from Charlotte’s signature style, Charlotte opted for the dresses to come alive in a ‘Mad Hatters Tea Party’ setting.
The ‘garden’ party was set up with it’s very own ‘grass’, flowers, table and chairs, and not forgetting the tea and cupcakes...a Charlotte Balbier tea party just wouldn’t be complete without cupcakes!!!

Once the scene was set it was straight on to shooting the beautiful gowns...

The models get the full treatment! The stylists constantly apply make-up and hair touch ups and the amazingly talented photographer always snaps their ‘best side’!!
After checking the work so far, it was time for a little rest (even the model need a well-earned nap!), a spot of baby sitting (baby Koi, the make-up artists baby) and a sneaky cupcake!! Then it was straight back to the studio for the 2nd Collection...there’s no rest for the wicked!!! ;-)

The Sabella Collection has a very different feel to the English Tea Party Collection; it has a much more sophisticated ‘look’. The taffeta and soft silk styles sit alongside soft pleating with timeless elegance and Italian laces that are the ultimate in chic. With this, Charlotte decided black and white photography would be a great way to reflect the feel of the collection as it would give it an attitude and look of Italian fashion.
A very simple glossy studio was used for this shoot and really helped the lighting reflect on to the dresses to highlight the fabulous detailing.
After 3 whole days of shooting the stunning Charlotte Balbier collections, there was just enough time for a few shots of the lady herself with the team and the models before it was time to start the photo shoot for the Amanda Wyatt collection (which would take another 5 days!!).
Charlotte Balbier with all the amazing team
Once back in England, it was straight back to work with the re-touches and getting them put onto our Facebook fan page for all of our brides to see. These fabulous images are already appearing in magazines and on our stockists’ websites and exciting!!

Eden, Daisy, Gia and Rosa final pics
Charlotte was so delighted with the beautiful photography; we think you’ll agree that all the hard work and long days were worth it!
Charlotte Balbier Facebook fan page

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