Friday, 2 April 2010

*Busy, busy, busy Balbier!*

Hi, remember me?... i have been so crazy busy not had a second to blog!. Wow not sure where to start as so much has been going on in my world... rather than twitter on (BTW do you follow me on twitter?, if you don't get on-line now and start tweeting, it's addictive) on with every detail i will just tell you about the exciting and glam things i have been up 2!.

Jan-March is all about the new collections and i am busy adding the finishing touches to the new collections for 2011 (i know it's only been 5 mins since the 2010 Boutique collection came out!). I am very happy to share with you that the new collections are nearly done and look AMAZING. I fly off on Monday to add the final touches and then it's all systems go!. Except to see the unexpected... i am always have a few surprises up my sleeve!.

I have been working hard with my lovely Mum (Amanda Wyatt- as we show her collection twice a year. Her new collection was previewed at the BBEH show and not only was i working on her fabulous stand i was working with my friends at Wedding TV as a guest presenter (i do love that job). The days are busy seeing our lovely Boutique owners but the nights are also busy as it's the biggest date in the bridal calender , The Bridal Buyer Awards are the most prestigious awards in the bridal calendar. They attract hundreds of entries and absolutely everyone who is anyone in the bridal industry attends the glittering ceremony Unfortunately Charlotte Balbier has never been nominated for a award... (but there is always next year!) my fabulous Mummy does every year, this year her dress 'Madrid' was up for 'best dress' and i know why as it's stunning. The awards are always great fun and it's a excuse to get your glad rags on, i wore a couture Charlotte Balbier gown in Black taffeta with a over-sized bow corsage and teamed it with my favourite shoes of the moment my Vivienne Westwood 'Melissa' shoes..
As well as filming at the BBEH for Wedding TV i also filmed at the National Wedding Show and interviewed some really interesting people from vintage crockery hire, florists, entertainment to sky divers for your wedding!.
I have been zipping all-over the country to Charlotte Balbier designer days and events as well as doing personal fittings my poor car is so tired, i need a new one but what to get?.... been told a Pink Nissan Figgaro is not 'practical' so it's now time for plan B..
On a work/personal note i have designed my first christening gown for one of my best friends baby's, Georgia Kate was christened in her Charlotte Balbier gown and looked absolutely adorable... the best dressed baby ever! (pics will follow) as well as baby Georgia's creation i have been busy with friends weddings... i have 2 this year and one next year so the pressure is on!.
Ok i must dash as i have to pack my bag for my big trip on Monday and it's Easter so i should be at home eating Easter eggs!.
Much love and kisses Charlotte xx

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