Monday, 26 October 2009

*One Wedding Day, One Bride...... 2 Dresses!*

I get emails all the time from Brides to be who are torn between 2 dresses from my Collection, most times the bride decides on one dress and keeps the other one as a fond memory. But some brides to be go for 2, one for the day and one for evening!. On Saturday i was at Mears Ghyll Bridal Boutique and i had a Charlotte Balbier 2 dress bride in!, the very lovely bride to be just could not decide what she wanted so has gone for 2!. The very dramatic Latino inspired Havana for the day and for the evening the short and flirty Agnes. My motto has always been 'too mush is never enough' so if you can't decide what Charlotte Balbier dress is your 'one' then have 2.... well it is your wedding day!. xxxx

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Mrs2Be said...

I love this idea Charlotte! I am going to have to share it with our lovely Mrs2Be members!!